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Apply for trees - Members

Members can receive 10 free trees each year, after their first year of membership. They can also apply for up to 300 trees for private projects, after one year’s membership. 

If you wish to apply for more than 10 trees, please read the Free Tree Policy below, and complete the application form.


Email completed application form to


Suitable trees for the habitat will be chosen by nursery staff and the applicant needs to demonstrate that site preparation and maintenance have been considered. The applicant should attend a Planting Workshop prior to planting. The TREAT auger can also be borrowed for these projects.

One of the benefits of TREAT membership is free trees for restoration/habitat planting. However, the TREAT/QPWS nursery is not a commercial nursery and trees are therefore allocated to established members only.

After 1 full year membership and on membership renewal, you can:

  • Ask QPWS staff for 10 free trees. (That is, continuing members can receive 10 trees per year).

  • Make an application for up to 300 trees for a private project. You will be expected to have attended a planting workshop, conducted by TREAT, on site preparation, planting and maintenance. Your application for trees will be presented for consideration to the Management Committee of TREAT.


In deciding the committee will use the following criteria:

  1. Whether you are a participating volunteer, a new member, or known to be an experienced tree planter under Tablelands conditions.

  2. Availability of trees held at Lake Eacham Nursery.

  3. Nature of planting (such as riparian planting along creek banks, controlling or preventing soil erosion in gullies). 

  4. Whether the planting will extend or link existing habitat.

  5. Whether the number of trees asked for is appropriate (Trees are generally planted 1.5 to 2 metres apart, and in blocks at least 4 trees wide for open, cleared areas).

Once a decision has been made, you will be advised of the outcome.

*** Please note that trees from the QPWS nursery are for habitat planting and are a mixture of species common to your area.

*** It is at the discretion of the nursery staff to provide the mix of trees suitable for your location.​

If your application has been approved you must:

1. Phone the Lake Eacham Nursery on 07 4095 3406 and make arrangements to collect your trees on a Friday morning. This will help the nursery staff to have your trees ready prior to collection.

2. Bring boxes to transport your trees home. You will be required to transport your trees under cover to prevent damage.

3. Present the approval letter to the TREAT Office at the Lake Eacham Nursery. This letter will be filed, as it is important to record the number of trees going to TREAT members. We will also keep a record of the species of trees that you collect.


Established members who have attended a planting workshop may borrow the TREAT auger, but must be able to demonstrate its safe operation before leaving the nursery.


You can also take the opportunity to make a tax-deductible donation to the Treat Environmental Benefit Fund. Your donation will be used to assist the funding of TREAT activities including further plantings and maintenance of existing forest corridors.

If your application is not approved or an amendment to your application is suggested, you will be given the opportunity to discuss your planting application and obtain assistance in resubmitting your plans.

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