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A draft map showing Traditional Owners.

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Regional ecosystems are vegetation communities in a bioregion that are consistently associated with a particular combination of geology, landform and soil.  All TREAT plantings are right for the regional ecosystem. 

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Comprehensive online database of information on Australian tropical rainforest plants, including a botanical key to assist species identification.

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TREAT has a close working relationship with QPWS.  Every Friday Morning, TREAT volunteers work at the QPWS nursery at Lake Eacham, and the nursery provides trees for TREAT members and community plantings. 

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Terrain NRM is an independent, not for profit and community-based environmental management organisation. It combines science with local knowledge to increase resilience of the rainforests, reefs, landscapes and local communities of Australia’s Wet Tropics region.

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WTMA is jointly funded by the Australian and Queensland governments. It is based in Cairns and works to fulfil Australia’s international obligation to protect, conserve, present, rehabilitate and pass on the World Heritage Area to future generations.

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The Tree-Kangaroo and Mammal Group (TKMG) is an incorporated community group based on the Atherton Tablelands made up of local residents involved in conservation of North Queensland's rich mammal fauna, in particular the Lumholtz's Tree-kangaroo.

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The Tolga Bat Hospital on the Atherton Tablelands works for the conservation of bats and their habitat through rescue and landcare work, advocacy, education and research

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The wildlife friendly fencing project raises awareness of the impact of fencing (barbed wire in particular) on Australian wildlife, and has developed guidelines for good practice.

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EDO is a community legal service and a non-government, not-for-profit organisation that uses the law to protect and defend Australia’s wildlife, people and places.  It has an office in Cairns.

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