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TREAT and Community Nature Conservation..

Our local forest ecosystems are the most diverse in Australia, supporting a remarkable number of species. However, land clearing and the isolation of forest patches in a sea of agricultural and urban development threatens the survival of many plants and animals, and the different types of forest in which they dwell. Planting trees in the right place at the right time offers great benefits to our soils, crops, water catchments and forest ecosystems. Tree planting acts like a bandage on a wounded landscape and is a practical way for the community to get involved in conserving and repairing our natural environment.

The following pages provide information on how to attract different types of wildlife to your revegetation.

Tree Kangaroo food plants - more information »

Batty Friendly planting - more information »

Gardening for Frogs - more information »

Green Ringtail Possum Lumholtz Tree-kangaroo

Green Ringtail Possum, Lumholtz Tree-kangaroos.

Also see the Tree Kangaroo and Mammal Group website that has a more complete Tree Kangaroo food plants list, and also food plants for the Possums, Flying Foxes, Gliders and Cassowaries: TKMG Habitat Food and Revegetation overview .

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