Community Plantings 2018

Sat February 3Rock Rd, Upper Barron SET2500SET/NQLMS/TRC/TREAT/SFSSET
Sat February 10RN 336 Ball Rd, PeeramonHolmes1800 BCC/NQLMS/QPWS/TREATCSAG1
Sat February 17Rock Rd, Upper BarronSET2500SET/NQLMS/TRC/TREAT/SFSSET
Sat February 24RN 1450 Topaz Rd, TopazClarkson1800 Clarkson/TRC/TREATNRLG
Sat March 3RN 983 Lake Barrine Rd, Lake EachamHoare2500TREAT/QPWS/SFSCSAG1
Sat March 10RN 69 Pressley Rd, Lake BarrineEmms2500Emms/NQLMS/TREAT/SFSPrivate/CSAG1
Sat March 17Massey Creek, RavenshoeQPWS2000QPWS/TREATQPWS
Sat March 24RN 344 McKeown Rd, East BarronPostponed1400BCC/NQLMS/TREATCSAG1
Sat April 7RN 983 Lake Barrine Rd, Lake EachamHoare3000TREAT/QPWSCSAG2
Sat April 14RN 69 Pressley Rd, Lake BarrineEmms2000Emms/NQLMS/TREAT/SFSPrivate/BO
Sat April 21RN 344 McKeown Rd, East BarronKilpatrick1400BCC/NQLMS/TREATCSAG1

SET - South Endeavour Trust; NQLMS- NQ Land Management Services; TRC- Tablelands Regional Council; SFS- School for Field Studies; BCC - Barron Catchment Care

CSAG1 - Community Sustainability Action Grant (Round 1); CSAG2 - Community Sustainability Action Grant (Round 2); NRLG - Nature Refuge Landholder Grant; BO - Beards On

There are 10 community plantings scheduled for this wet season, taking place each Saturday from the beginning of February through till the middle of April, with a break for Easter. A total of 22,000 trees are to be planted. Students from the School for Field Studies will help at four plantings - two at Rock Road, one at Hoare's and one at Emms'.

The Rock Road and Massey Creek plantings are continuing revegetation of corridor areas from previous years. The plantings at Hoare's are strengthening the Peterson Creek corridor west of Lake Barrine Road. At Holmes' the planting will enhance vegetation along Leslie Creek and at Kilpatrick's the planting will be on a new area at Leslie Creek closer to McKeown Road. At Clarkson's the planting is strengthening vegetation within their Nature Refuge area. At Emms' the plantings are joining areas previously planted in 2015.

Trees for the plantings are sourced from QPWS, TRC, NQLMS and Emms. QPWS is supplying trees for the QPWS planting, TREAT's plantings and 2,000 for BCC's plantings. TRC is supplying trees for SET's Rock Road plantings, and 1500 for Clarkson's planting. NQLMS is supplying 1200 trees for BCC and a few for Emms, and Emms are supplying most of their trees from their own nursery. TREAT is supplying 300 trees to the Clarkson's planting from part of TREAT's allocation of trees from QPWS.

Site preparations will be done by NQLMS at Rock Road, the BCC plantings and at Emms'. QPWS will prepare their own site, as will John Clarkson, and TREAT's plantings at Hoare's will be prepared by Mark McCaffrey.

Maintenance of the TREAT and BCC plantings will be supported by CSAG grants, as will one of the Emms' plantings. Beards On have donated $10,000 to support maintenance of the other Emms' planting.

The barbecues after the plantings are organised by TREAT, with 2 teams operating alternately. They are much appreciated, as are all the volunteer planters who come along, many of them to all the plantings. We hope the weather will be favourable.

TREAT Display Centre

The TREAT Display Centre is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9am to 1pm, excluding public holidays, staffed by TREAT volunteers.

Every Friday

TREAT meets every Friday* morning to propagate rainforest seedlings at the QPWS nursery, McLeish Rd, Lake Eacham. All Welcome. The nursery is open from 7am, members can arrive at any time that suits them. For workplace health and safety reasons please wear closed footwear.

* Every Friday with the exceptions of Australia Day, Good Friday (Easter) and a break over Christmas.


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