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Community Plantings 2017

Sat January 28 *RN 2 Cutler Road, Lake EachamSET (ex-Freeman)150TREAT/ QPWSEEG 3
Sat February 4Rock Road, Upper BarronSET (ex-Emms)2000SET/ NQLMS/ TRCSET/ 20 MT
Sat February 11Massey Creek, RavenshoeQPWS2000QPWS/ TREAT QPWS
Sat February 18RN 69 Pressley Road, Lake BarrineEmms3000Emms/ TREAT/ SFSPrivate/ RRA
Sat February 25Rock Road, Upper BarronSET (ex-Hatton)1800SET/ TKMG/ TREAT/ QPWSEEG 3
Sat March 4RN 2 Cutler Road, Lake EachamSET (ex-Freeman)1200TREAT/ QPWSTerrain
Sat March 11Smith's Gap corridor, Old Tully Road QPWS1500QPWS/ TREAT QPWS
Sat March 18RN 2 Cutler Road, Lake EachamSET (ex-Freeman)2500TREAT/ QPWS /TRCTerrain
Sat March 25RN177 Ault Rd, TopazMuller and Buttner3000M.and B./ TREATPrivate
Sat April 1RN 2 Cutler Road, Lake EachamSET (ex-Freeman)2500TREAT/ QPWS /TRCTerrain
Sat April 8RN 69 Pressley Road, Lake BarrineEmms3000Emms/ TREAT/ SFSPrivate/ RRA
Sat May 13RN353 Hillcrest Rd, JagganJorgensen1000Jorgensen/ TRC/ TREATPrivate

Landowner/ Collaboration

Planting information:

Despite the poor rain last wet season, we have another big schedule of community plantings for this wet season. All except one (Ault Rd) are on properties where previous community plantings have been held. Four are at Cutler Rd, Lake Eacham, two at Rock Rd, Upper Barron, two at Pressley Rd, Lake Barrine, one at Massey Creek, Ravenshoe, one at Hillcrest Rd, Jaggan, and one at Ault Rd, Topaz. If the weather is kind, a total of approximately 22,000 trees will be planted.

RN 2 Cutler Rd, Lake Eacham

The first community planting is a very small planting of 150 trees, in memory of Ian Freeman who died last year and did so much on his property to make the connection between the Peterson Creek Wildlife Corridor and the National Park at Lake Eacham. South Endeavour Trust (SET) now owns his property and it is hoped that soon the revegetated areas will form part of 'Freeman Forest Nature Refuge'.

TREAT had funding from Everyone's Environment Grant Round 3 for the planting there last year, and part of that grant required a field day to be held. This will take place after the planting. It is a great opportunity to look at the fantastic results that have been achieved with revegetation here since 2011.

The second planting will be an infill of the 2016 planting which suffered substantial losses due to extreme temperatures in January and February.

The last two plantings will complete the revegetation of the area adjacent to last year's planting. They will form part of a Feasibility Study into the cost/benefits of participating in the carbon market and its potential as a possible source of ongoing funding to support further revegetation activities. The trees for these plantings will come from both QPWS and Tablelands Regional Council (TRC).

Cutler Road is off Lake Barrine Road between the Gillies Highway and Malanda. Look for the TREAT signs.

Rock Rd, Upper Barron

The first of these plantings is on the property at the far end of Rock Road. TREAT helped plant trees here in 2011 and 2013 when it was owned by Carolyn and Philip Emms. South Endeavour Trust (SET) now owns the property and is extending the work done by the Emms. This community planting will be on a reasonably flat area and site preparation is being done by Geoff Onus of NQ Land Management Services (NQLMS). Access can be problem if the weather is too wet, so check for possible cancellation. The trees will come from NQLMS and TRC.

The second planting is on the property formerly owned by John Hatton (now owned by SET), where the after-planting barbecues have been held in recent years. This planting will be on the eastern slope below the shed and site preparation is being done by Mark McCaffrey. The trees will come from QPWS as part of their agreement with the Tree-Kangaroo and Mammal Group (TKMG).

Rock Road Field Day after the planting on 25 February for details see: Rock Road Field Day.

SET owns all 3 of the eastern properties on Rock Road. They were purchased with the objective of creating a substantial corridor to link the large area of private forest at Upper Barron with the Herberton Range National Park. These two plantings form part of that plan. See the current newsletter for a Letter to the Editor from Tim Hughes of SET.

Rock Road is at the junction of McKell Road and Kenny Road. Meet about 100m along Rock Road where parking is possible on the side of the road.

RN 69 Pressley Rd, Lake Barrine

The Oct-Dec 2016 TREAT NEWS had an article by Carolyn Emms about Rainforest Reserves Australia (RRA) and the slow release Cassowary Centre being established on their two Lake Barrine properties with RRA's help. Volunteers at the 2016 planting on Cedarvale would have seen a long fenceline. This encloses the Tablelands Cassowary Facility and the two plantings this year will be within this facility.

The first planting will actually be on the Barrine Park property, but will be accessed through Cedarvale. Phil Emms will ferry volunteers from Cedarvale to the site. The planting area is where TREAT and School for Field Studies (SFS) helped plant trees in 2011 at the edge of a remnant area with many wattles. This planting will be under and around the wattles, now cleared of tobacco, guava and other weeds. The remnant area connects to Donaghy's Corridor on Toohey Creek.

The second planting will be on Cedarvale and will be planting up the grass strips left in the 2015 planting done by Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA), TREAT and SFS. This will speed up canopy closure of the area.

Holes will be dug, trees laid out (with fertiliser) and mulch spread nearby, by CVA. The trees will come from the Emms' nursery.

Pressley Road is off the Gillies Highway near Lake Barrine. Look for the TREAT signs.

Massey Creek, Ravenshoe

This planting continues the QPWS project in Tully Gorge National Park to widen a section of the forest corridor from the coast to the highlands. It is adjacent to last year's planting, which has done very well.

The site is close to Massey Creek on the Old Palmerston Highway towards Ravenshoe. Follow the TREAT signs at the wind farm on the Kennedy Highway.

RN 177 Ault Rd, Topaz

Reinhold and Petra bought this property in 2004 and have been planting trees on it for the last ten years. They have set up their own nursery and grow trees from seed sourced on the property. This year TREAT has offered to help them plant a larger number of trees from their nursery, about 3000. In 2015 and 2016 they planted a strip next to some forest adjoining Ault Road and this planting will increase that area.

Ault Road is off Old Boonjie Road which is off Topaz Road close to its junction with Glen Allyn Road. Look for the TREAT signs.

Smith's Gap corridor, Old Tully Road

Smith's Gap corridor, Old Tully Road, Tully Gorge National Park for details see Smith'sGapReveg_InfoSheet.

RN 353 Hillcrest Rd, Jaggan

TREAT has assisted with plantings on this property in 2008, 2009 and 2011. It was managed back then by Mike and Robin Carter, and now the owner, Lindsay Jorgensen, is living on the property and assisting with the revegetation. He has installed tanks to water the trees and will be digging holes for this planting which is on the side of one of the hills at the northern end of the property. To cope with possible erosion problems, the trees will be planted in bands with large grass strips left between them. In future years, other areas on these hills will be planted to revegetate a former grazing area. Trees for this planting will be mainly from TRC.

Hillcrest Road runs from Malanda to Jaggan and the property is near the Jaggan end. Hillcrest Road is off Clarke's Track at Jaggan. Look for the TREAT signs at Jaggan.

Note due to the long period of wet weather the planned planting at Hillcrest Rd this coming Saturday 29th April will be postponed till 13th May.


A barbecue will be provided by TREAT after all the plantings, and after the field day on 28th January. This task is now organised by two teams, the 'A Team' and the 'Dream Team' and they generally alternate at the plantings.

TREAT Display Centre

The TREAT Display Centre is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9am to 1pm, excluding public holidays, staffed by TREAT volunteers.

Every Friday

TREAT meets every Friday* morning to propagate rainforest seedlings at the QPWS nursery, McLeish Rd, Lake Eacham. All Welcome. The nursery is open from 7am, members can arrive at any time that suits them. For workplace health and safety reasons please wear closed footwear.

* Every Friday with the exceptions of Good Friday (Easter) and a break over Christmas.


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